Project Management . Microsoft Dynamics AX . Supply Chain . Order Management . Warehousing . Intercompany . Customer Service

I am an AX Consultant with several years experience working across business functions, cultures and geography. Having founded my career within customer service roles, I am keenly aware of the impact to stakeholders in every project I am involved with. I am driven by a desire to improve business processes wherever possible. I enjoy listening to a problem and finding a solution to it. A successful day for me is one where I have learnt something new, made my colleagues and customers happy, and have helped bring the company one step closer to its goals.

I have broad experience as a functional business user, trainer, and tester of Microsoft Dynamics AX in daily operations. I have been heavily involved in over seven international implementations of the system.

I thrive in a workplace that encourages ideas, personal growth and presents a challenge. I’m very social and enjoy a fun loving team, who always make sure to have a laugh even when stress levels are high.

English is my native language, and I spent four years studying German in high school. Though I still understand a basic level of German, my skills in it have dropped since taking up Danish. My Danish is currently at a limited working proficiency, as I am able to understand most conversations but am slower at speaking it myself.

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